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 Kingfisher Toothpaste
  Something for everyone to smile about. The good news is Kingfisher's great for everyone - so long as you have got some teeth to clean. It's especially suitable for children, vegetarians, homeopathic users (shame some of you can't touch the mint), vegans, Halal, and some kosher diets and people who want good healthy teeth. Kingfisher is approved by the British Dental Health Foundation - approval doesn't come any better than that.
Recommended price : £ 2.45
Available from : and other merchants
  Posted by jackiemac 30.08.2007
My favourite toothpaste! Not the mint one here but fennel. Yum! I never understood why fennel isn't generally available as a flavour. I have tried other organic toothpastes but this is easily the best, and it's quite a bit cheaper than some of the other. Top marks.
 works great and tastes good
 not widely available enough
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  Posted by Hazel 24.09.2007
I agree Kingfisher toothpaste and, in particular fennel is an excellent product.
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