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 Animal Strings
  Animal strings are a perennial favourite and here we have found two great multi-coloured strings to choose from! Take your pick from chicken or fish (don't worry - no animals were harmed during the manufacture of these strings!). Hang them anywhere to add instant colour to a room, or on a door to give an early warning signal as there is a little brass bell on the end of each string! The strings are made in a Ladies Self Help Unit in West Bengal, India. This work supports 50 families. 88cm long
Recommended price : £ 7.95
Available from :
  Posted by jason 23.08.2007
I dunno about only being available from greengreenhome. We bought some of these from Spirals, a retailer in Hebden Bridge. Oh, and they also do elephants, not just chicken and fish. As far as the strings themselves go, they are absolutely gorgeous, the only problem being their attractiveness to young kids means that they can get yanked. They are fairly robust though and can stand a few sharp tugs, and if they bust, it only tends to be the bottom one that comes off.
 beautiful and colourful
 attractive to small kids who then yank them
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