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 Solio Mobile Phone & iPod Solar Charger
  The award-winning solar power source for all your portable electronics the sun is your friend! Now including seven tips and cables, the new Solio Hybrid Charger pack offers the greatest range of compatibility with your devices ever, right out of the box! The solio is compatible with almost all mobile phones, including Samsung, Nokia, Motorolla, and Sony-Ericsson*. It can be used to charge digital cameras, games players, GPS systems, MP3 players, smart phones and PDAs, and of course iPods. About an hour of sunlight will run an iPod for one hour, and a fully charged Solio will re-charge a mobile phone twice.
Recommended price : £ GBP 59.99
Available from : and many highstreet shops
  Posted by jackiemac 30.08.2007
This is a seriously cool device. A friend of mine had a different portable charger a couple of years ago that was like a big book and I had thought I would like one but it was just so big and heavy to be practical. When this came out it was just so much smaller and more funky looking I just had to get one. It takes a bit longer than a normal mains charger to charge my phone up but it doesn't need to be a sunny day. I just put it on the windowsill and let it get on with it. One of the things that concerned me about ordinary chargers was that I, and nearly everyone I know, often just left the phone plugged in all day when I was at my desk which uses quite a lot of power. As my desk is next to a window I can still do this, but without using mains leccy (and without feeling guilty!) I'm not sure about using it to charge up games consoles etc because I don't play them but as a phone charger it's great! Finally, I want to say that if you look around you can get one for a lot less than 60. I paid 49.99 for mine and they will probably be found for less than that.
 handy size and powerful
 quite slow to charge compared to mains
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