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 Angel Face Srub
  This dry mix scrub is perfect for polishing away blocked pores and everyday impurities clinging to the skin. Argiletz French Green Clay, Organic Oats, Ground Almond and Lavender with a dash of Essential Oil and impart their minerals, vitamins and soothing qualities to this angelic facial scrub. Naturally revitalise tired dull skin without the nasty additives.
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  Posted by chica verde 05.09.2007
this face scrub leaves your skin soft and clean without feeling 'tight'. It smells good but its a little difficult to use as you need to mix it with water to form a paste...I never seemed to get the quantity right and often ended up with too much which was wasted. It's also a little tricky getting the consistency right to rub onto the face but if you have more patience than me then go for it...its an effective product. As always, with innocent oils products, its packaged in recylclable materials and you dont pay for fancy labelling etc.
 compact, good to travel with as it isn't liquid like most other scrubs
 its messy and difficult to use
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