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 Moa Green Balm - 15ml
  The all purpose miracle green balm, made in Iceland. This amazing balm nourishes the skin, leaving it smooth, supple and revitalised. Kiss goodbye to dry skin conditions! Moa even helps heal severe burns and reduce scarring... and it contains 100% organic herbs. Yarrow - renowned for its nourishing and healing properties - is the key organically pure active ingredient in Mini Moa balm. The other active ingredient in the balm is tea tree oil, nature's powerful antiseptic. These, combined with coconut, sweet almond and soya bean oils help soften, nourish and protect the skin. Herbs used in Moa balm are produced on Hvammur farm, certified as organic by the Reykjavik Ecological Institute. The herbs occur naturally on the farm and are produced yearly in limited quantities, to ensure their quality and potency. The healing properties of Moa are quite remarkable: it calms, nourishes and protects, making it suitable for use in all sorts of different treatments... Especially beneficial in very dry or cold weather conditions, the balm is an exceptionally effective re-hydration agent Helpful with skin conditions such as dry patches, rashes, burns and psoriasis Effective in soothing eczema and mild cases of psoriasis Protects chapped and cracked skin on elbows, knees hands and feet Fantastic facial cleanser; warm a small amount between fingertips and apply to face, removes eye make-up, whilst conditioning the eyelashes Softens cuticles Revives dull looking hair; comb through to condition and restore lustre and vitality to tired looking locks A baby bag essential - Mini Moa helps prevent nappy rash, soothes eczema and cradle-cap When warmed between fingertips, it is a quality massage oil It can even be drunk! mix a teaspoon of Moa with hot water and a little honey to ease a sore throat Moa - a must for the entire family!
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