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 Organic Blue BodyShield Herbal Supplement - 60 capsules
  In ancient China, an immunity shield was believed to be formed using the herb Astragalus with its bio-protective properties. This has been combined with ingredients such as Garlic and Olive thought to have rejuvenating properties. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have an invisible shield, to protect us from the often-harsh environment? In ancient China such a shield was created using herbs with bio-protective properties; it was known as Jade Screen Powder. The main herb in this formula, Astragalus, has been taken and combined with other food herbs known traditionally for their protective properties. Traditional uses of ingredients: Sheep's Sorrel is rich in silicon and other trace minerals; Bioflavinoid rich Bilberry Leaf; Garlic, Olive Leaf and Thyme have been used in the Mediterranean for centuries to promote good health. BODYSHIELD - the formula for self-defence.
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