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 Organic Blue Chillout Herbal Supplement - 60 capsules
  Stress and fatigue are commonplace today. To support the journey through demanding times, Gotu Kola plays a major part in this formula - described by yogis in India as the 'meditation herb'. In today's world it has become increasingly necessary to develop a state of 'restful alertness' - a relaxed but focused state in which we can achieve great things without becoming compromised by stress and fatigue. We need to be creative, philosophical, logical, intuitive and energetic, often all in the same day. We have selected the Indian herb Gotu Kola, described by yogis as 'the meditation herb' and combined it with Russia's great adaptogen Siberian ginseng and western herbs Chamomile and Peppermint traditionally used to calm and harmonise. CHILL - to ease the journey through demanding times.
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