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 Organic Peppermint Toothpaste
  ORGANIC PEPPERMINT & MYRRH. 100% Natural and Safe Free From SLS & Fluoride. Ideal for sensitive teeth and gums suitable for all the family. Excellent cleaning properties (Calcium carbonate and Vitamin C). Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial action (Essential oil of Peppermint and Myrrh resin). Traditional peppermint flavour, similar to that of conventional toothpastes. No hydrocarbon or aluminium contamination (Non-plastic tube lined with food grade lacquer). Free from artificial sweeteners, fluoride, ethyl alcohol, colourings, synthetic flavourings and preservatives.
Recommended price : £ GBP 3.25
Available from : and Organic and Healthfood shops
  Posted by jason 20.08.2007
While the aims (and ingredients) of this toothpaste are laudable, we have had a three quarter full tube languishing on our bathroom shelf for over six months now. Why? Because it tastes pretty nasty, a bit like vaguely minty chalk actually. I am used to being able the get my teeth clean with less than a centimetres worth of squirt and with this one I needed to cover the entire toothbrush. Must try harder...
 Free from nasty chemicals
 Doesn't foam or feel like its cleaning
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  Posted by jackiemac 30.08.2007
I am sorry, but for all the good efforts of Green People, they should think about coming out of the toothpaste industry. This stuff is gross and, like the previous poster, my boyfriend had this stuff hanging round his bathroom for what seemed like years! Nasty.
 high ideals
 tastes gross and works badly
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  Posted by Nicola 26.02.2008
I must agree with the other 2 comments, its taste is not very good, very chalky & dry. Only used the whole tube because of the price. Must say that the lemon one is a bit better. But they could do alot better if they want to stay in the toothpaste trade, will try some other product next time.
 No Chemicals
 Taste Horrible
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