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 An Inconvenient Truth DVD
  Al Goreís groundbreaking work, An Inconvenient Truth, brings together leading-edge research from top scientists around the world, as well as photographs, charts, and other illustrations to document the reality of global warming--and to sound a warning bell for action before itís too late. Filled with personal anecdotes and observations about how this issue has become a central focus in Mr. Goreís life--and why he believes it is the crucial issue of our time--An Inconvenient Truth argues that global warming is not just about science, nor is it just a political issue: it is a moral issue and we have a responsibility to do something about it
Recommended price : £ GBP 14.99
Available from : and many highstreet shops
  Posted by jason 11.09.2007
This a brilliant movie for grown-ups and I've really seen some profound effects on people who've watched it. What a shame that there isn't a similar thing that younger kids can't get the same information from without getting bored
 Well argued and backed up
 A bit too boring for kids to follow
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