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 Your Planet Needs You
  A handbook for creating the world that we want... The problems we face in the world are rooted in the way we live and the way we think and this is what must change. You can make a start by reading this beautifully designed and illustrated book with over 40 illustrations showing how all of us can respond to the crises we see in the world, and how all of our actions and thoughts add up to create a future worth choosing.
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  Posted by jason 19.08.2007
I found this an inspiring book (even for a grizzled old greeny like me) yet simply written so it really is something that you can pass on to either your parents or children without worrying about it being hard to digest. The illustrations are half of this books appeal, each one an excellent example of an idea communicated with style. I suggest you buy a few and give them as presents! Full marks.
 Easy and profound at the same time
 Not widely available enough
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