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  Eco-balls« are used in the washing machine instead of detergent and can save water and energy by doing without the need for a second rinse cycle. They produce ionised oxygen that naturally activates the water molecules. This makes for an efficient wash without harsh detergents, using less water and time. Ecoballs« extend the life of the washing machine because there is no chemical build-up. They soften the water so no fabric conditioner is needed and minimise the colour fading of fabrics
Recommended price : £ GBP 34.99
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  Posted by Luciejade2 22.08.2007
My housemate is a chef and his chef whites have not always been restored to their original state, but all other washing has always come out a treat! Gone are the days of lugging heavy washing powders and softners home, these Eco-balls last 1,000 washes and there are refills in the box, so you are effectively buying 2,000! Well worth the money in the long run and better for the environment than harsh chemical detergents, who are often made by companies who test them on animals. These are truly an ethical and economical purchase!
 Long lasting, money saving and better for the environment
 Harsh stains not easily removed
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  Posted by Ecowales 22.08.2007
Ecoballs are fine most of the time, and ideal because I have a septic tank therefore mustn't use bio-wash substances at home. Once in a while I take more stubborn items to a launderette and run them through with bio.
 Good for most purposes.
 Agree not so easy for harsh stains
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