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 Freeloader Solar Charger
  The FreeLoader is an advanced portable solar charger that can power most hand held devices. Contained in a tough and stylish aluminum body, the FreeLoader is a durable and portable solution for charging phones, digital cameras, MP3 players, sat navs, iPods, PDAs and PSPs. Can power a mobile phone for 44 hours, a PSP for 2.5 hours, and a PDA for 22 hours. Features include: * Solar panels can charge it's internal battery in 5 hours, or 3 hours when using a USB cable * USB cable included * Adapters to suit a range of phones, digital cameras, and PSPs* * Holds up a battery charge up to 3 months * Able to simultaneously charge hand held devices and charge itself. * Battery life averages 2 years * Ultra lightweight (185g) Technical specifications: * 120mA crystalline solar cells * 100mAh environmentally friendly Li-ion battery Size: 12.3cm x 6.2cm x 1.7cm Weight 185g
Recommended price : £ 29.99
Available from : and other merchants
  Posted by bedeepgreen 20.08.2007
This is the cheapest of the solar charges - I bought mine from Ethical Superstore for 25. It works well with my old Nokia phone, but my more high powered Orange SPV takes an age to charge up from sunlight. Be a killer product if you could add another set of panels so that the charging rate was doubled.
 Light, cheap, lots of adapters
 low power production, needs lots of sun
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