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 Bamboo TFT PC Monitor
  For an eco-friendly additon for your home or office computer, look no further than these bamboo monitors. Combining modern technology with sustainability, these monitors incorporate the latest techy stuff with bamboo for the surround instead of nasty plastic - making it much more eco friendly. More information Bamboo is actually a grass, it grows fast and harvesting it doesnít create the problems that cutting down trees does. * The bamboo used is panda friendly (they prefer the softer variety), and tough - so makes a perfect substitute for the plastic usually found on a monitorís surround and base. * Not only are they low-plastic and lead free, but the bamboo adds a nice sort of warmth. They come in 15", 17" and 19" sizes and the specs are good. * You can also buy matching bamboo keyboards and mice. * And remember: switch your PC monitor off instead of leaving it on standby when you're finished!
Recommended price : ¬£ from £179.99
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