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1. By using this site you agree not to hold the Ethical Product Review liable for any damage whatsoever that may occur as a result.

2. You agree to post reviews only of those products with which you have first hand experience.
3. You agree to refrain from using profane or otherwise offensive language on this site.
4. You agree to refrain from personal comments about other reviewers.
5. You understand and agree with our "three strikes and out" policy where three UPHELD complaints against you will result in you being banned from the site and your IP address being blocked.

6. You agree not to post products that have already been posted by another merchant.
7. You agree not to hold the Ethical Product review liable for any comments, whether positive or negative, about any of your products.
8. You agree to keep your Product Description to under 100 words.
9. You agree that once a product has been posted, you may only request its removal if you cease to sell it, or in exceptional circumstances to be decided at our discretion.
10. You agree that, where a product is also sold by other merchants, you must add "and other merchants" after your web address in the "Available from" field.
Where you have the exclusive distribution you do not need to add anything other than the name or address of your website, not the entire product URL as the addresses are not clickable.

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